We are a company who truly cares
about our clients.

We have over 30 plus years of investigative experience, 21 years of which come from a  law enforcement background.  One of our main investigators is a retired lieutenant from a special investigative unit which he organized, developed and supervised the unit for 10 years.  He has conducted thousands of investigations in the criminal justice arena.  Our primary private investigator was given a certificate of Congressional Recognition by a member of the United States Congress as well as the United States Senate for his work in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA).  He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and continued teaching as an academy instructor, all of which cultivated his ability to work well within the community.  Our chief investigator has been trained and certified, by the Atlantic Center in Philadelphia, PA, as a capital case / death penalty investigator.  He has investigated numerous capital cases in the state of Pennsylvania.  His remarkable “street sense” ability has allowed him to excel above your average investigator .

About Our Investigative Services

Before the founding of our company, we interviewed attorneys to find out exactly what they look for in a private investigator.  What kind of experience did they look for when they hired a private investigator.  We were told that experience, a professional attitude, the ability to treat people with respect and the ability to get people to tell the truth were some of the qualifications were what they looked for when they hired a private investigator.  Here at JS Investigation & Consulting, we take pride in the fact that we adhere to maintaining all of these qualifications.  Looking for a private investigator PA?

Are you frustrated from not getting what you need?  Are you tired of working with investigators that lack years of experience within the criminal justice system? Then call us today for a free no obligation phone consultation about your case or issue.  We can let you know within the first five minutes if we can help you.

Our philosophy at JS Investigation is very simple: To provide our clients with the necessary information they need to help resolve their situation.  We will work for you with a team of both experienced & professional investigators, while maintaining confidentiality at all times.  We are licensed and bonded and will always be available to answer any questions or concerns regarding your matter.  Be assured, here at JS Investigation, our goal is to help you resolve your matter with investigators you can trust and depend on. Our clients are our main concern.

What Is The Cost You Pay When You Don’t Have All The Facts?

Many people believe they can’t afford to hire a private investigator, this simply isn’t true.  Whether your going through a divorce or need to prove your innocence in a criminal matter, the cost of hiring a private investigator far outweighs the costs of not hiring one.

How Can We Help?

Looking for a private investigator in PA? Here at JS Investigation, our clients are our are main concern. We are here to help you and get the answers you are seeking.